What are Court-Ordered Dependents and how do I manage them in Rippling?

As a primary administrator you may receive a National Medical Support Notice mandating that an employee at your company needs to enroll their dependents in health insurance coverage. Administrators can do this on behalf of an employee through their Rippling Dashboard by visiting the Medical, Dental and Vision apps.

When an admin adds court ordered dependents to an employee’s insurance coverage, they will be asked to fill out information about the dependent such as SSN and Date of Birth. Typically the necessary information is included on the notice received.

The court order may contain additional information regarding the maximum contributions (for child support and insurance deductions) an employee can make to these dependents. This will usually be 50% of their net wages. If not noted on the order, request this from the agency.

It is important to note that a court order to add dependents does not allow employees to bypass the company’s waiting period.

No employee discretion: when you, as the Rippling admin, add an employee’s dependent via the court-ordered dependent flow, you’re “forcing” the employee to enroll their dependent. The employee won’t be able to remove the dependent on their own in Rippling — only you, or another rippling administrator, will be able to do so. This is important, because in the case of a court order, the company is being ordered to add the dependent, and you have an obligation to prevent your employee from removing that dependent while the court order is in force.