What happens at the end of a computer lease?

At the end of a laptop lease, customers can choose between continuing their lease, or returning the device.


To continue leasing the computer:

No action is required. Your use of the device is open-ended, with month-to-month renewal terms as specified in your lease agreement.

To return the computer:

During COVID-19 restrictions, please contact support@rippling.com before shipping a computer.

Send the computer and its accessories to the following address.  The original device packaging is not required.

Attn: Laptop Return
55 Second Street, Suite 1500
San Francisco, CA, 94105

Once we’ve received the shipment, we’ll confirm that everything is in good working order, wipe the machine and credit the two month deposit back to your account.

When you’re returning the devices,

  • Please pack the items to withstand the shipping process
  • Insure your return, as Rippling is not responsible for any devices damaged in transit
  • Back up any files on these devices that you’d like to keep, so that you can transfer them to your new devices