Admin permissions in Rippling

Company administrators are individuals who have the ability to see — or change — information about employees other than themselves in Rippling.

Company administrators might be an executive (like a CEO or CFO), someone who works in a functional area like HR or IT, the head of a department, or an external partner like an accountant or insurance broker.

Not all company administrators are the same

Rippling give you a wide array of controls over who can do what inside of Rippling. Broadly speaking, you can control:

  • What level of permissions someone has: an admin might be able to see and make change in the system, or they might only be able to see employee information (but not make any changes), or they might have certain sensitive fields (like salary) obscured to them.
  • Which apps an admin can access: someone might have admin permissions for just one specific app in Rippling (perhaps they manage your company’s email system so they have access to the GSuite app), they might have access to all apps, or a broad category like “All HR apps.”
  • Which teams or departments or work locations or employment types an admin can control. A person can be an admin for only a specific department or work location, or they might manage only 1099 contractors.

Admin permissions can be mixed and combined to give each person the right level of access. You can give someone the ability to see and make changes — but only for one specific app. Or you can give someone broad permissions — but just for a single department or work location.

Admin Permission Levels

  • A Super Admin has full administrative access to Rippling. They can see anything, change anything, do anything. Importantly, only a super-admin can add other admins. The person who initially creates your Rippling account is by default a super-admin.
  • A Full Admin has the same permissions as a super admin — but they cannot add or remove other admins.
  • A Restricted Access Admin only has access to specific people, apps, and data that you specify.

Please note: At this time, templates can only be created/edited by Super and Full Admins.

How to create, remove, or edit admin permissions

If you’re a super admin, you can see all the existing admin permissions in your Rippling account by going to Rippling –> Settings –> Admins.

From here, you’ll also be able to add a new admin. Admins can be existing employees or external partners, like an accountant. You can also edit existing admin permissions, or remove admins from the system.

You should also review our guide to creating new admins in Rippling.