Requesting a New Integration

While Rippling integrates with hundred of providers, we are also constantly building and adding new applications to the Rippling App Shop. We typically try to prioritize our integrations according to customer need and overlap.

If you have an application that you believe should be added to the Rippling App Shop, please let us know by following these next steps:

Steps to Request an Integration

  1. Fill out this Integration Request form with as much detail as you can provide regarding the third-party service provider.
  2. Send an email to your contact at the third-party application and copy You can use the following use the email template provided below to send to the third-party application.

Integration Request Template Email

We’ve provide an email template for you to send to your third-party application providers. Mutual customer requests are the most impactful factor when it comes to prioritization. If you choose to use the template, please ensure that you replace ‘AppName’ with the third-party application name. Our partnerships team will follow-up with the applications accordingly.

Subject: Integration request: Rippling x [AppName]

Hey [AppName] team,

I’d like to request an integration with Rippling, our employee management platform. We want to be able to manage our [AppName] user accounts through Rippling and enable Single Sign-on for our employees.

My Rippling representative mentioned that surfacing this request to your team may impact its prioritization. I want to confirm that our team would receive immediate value from this integration and would love to help in any way we can.

If you’re willing to explore this integration, please reach out to