With Rippling’s GoodHire background check integration, mutual users can request and manage their GoodHire background checks through Rippling. Using the GoodHire integration, companies can automate the ordering of background checks based on Rippling smart rules, so that candidates always receive the appropriate background checks either before or after they’re hired, as defined by your company’s policies.

Rippling’s GoodHire integration is an API-based application that leverages access to your GoodHire account to enable your admins to have access to account privileges from Rippling. The integration relies on GoodHire’s API, which is a web service that allows customers to order employment background checks on candidates, as well as view the results of those background checks. The API is accessed using HTTP Basic Auth.

Managing your Connection

How do I set up my connection with GoodHire?

  1. To get started, sign in to your Rippling dashboard, click App Shop in the Main Menu on the left side of the page. From the App Shop, search ‘GoodHire’ in the search bar located in the top left of the screen. Once you’ve arrived at the GoodHire application profile within Rippling’s App Shop, you can click ‘Connect Account’ to begin the installation process. Please note, you will be prompted to confirm that you are the GoodHire administrator to continue with the installation. If you are not the GoodHire administrator, Rippling allows you to easily invite the appropriate user to complete the installation.
  2. The GoodHire integration allows you to connect the application simply by moving through the installation flow. Rippling will create a new account on your behalf and GoodHire will merge the new account with your pre-existing GoodHire account. This enables you to manage your GoodHire account through Rippling. Once you have connected your account, you will need to add credit card details or add custom invoicing from directly within GoodHire in order to run background checks from Rippling.
  3. Once you click ‘Move to Next Step’ your account will be automatically merged!

Underneath the hood, Rippling is creating an additional company entity that is then linked to your existing GoodHire account.

Please note, there are a number of common reasons for automated account connections to not link immediately. If there is a slight mismatch with the data that GoodHire has on file for your existing company, then GoodHire will need to manually verify your account. Your GoodHire representatives will let you know once you are able to continue with the setup.

How do I remove my connection with GoodHire?

To disconnect your GoodHire account, please access your GoodHire application page. On your GoodHire application page, select ‘Installed’ in order to get to your GoodHire configuration settings.

Please select ‘Settings’, and navigate to ‘Uninstall’. Once you are on this tab, click ‘Uninstall GoodHire’.

Integrated Background Checks

The integration ‘Overview’ tab provides information regarding your GoodHire candidates along with the current statuses of their background checks. The policies associated with each background check are shown with quick links to view the candidate’s page within GoodHire. Rippling provides links to initiate the hiring flow from directly within the GoodHire integration as well.

When the ‘View on GoodHire’ deep link is clicked, Rippling will send the admin to the candidate’s overview page within GoodHire. This allows admins quick access to more detail on the candidate’s information and invitation information as shown below.

Additionally, you may request a new report for the candidate from the deep link page as well.

Manually Running a New Background Check

You may initiate a new background check from the GoodHire integration overview tab. By selecting ‘Run a New Background Check’ in the top right of the page, you will be prompted to enter additional details of the background check order. This information includes whether the employee is a prospective employee or existing employee, their name, and the type of background check that you would like ordered.

If the user is a prospective employee then your GoodHire admin will be prompted to enter the employee’s email, first name, last name, and background check to be ordered as well.

Using Rules to Automate Background Checks

Rippling Smart Rules can define policies that state which employee types should receive which background check packages. In order to automate background checks using policies, select ‘Policies’ from your GoodHire integration.

Upon clicking ‘Policies’ you’ll be able to see any existing policies that have been established for your organization. These policies can be edited or deleted as needed.

Viewing the Available Background Check Packages

Rippling will pull your available background check packages and their estimated prices into the ‘Packages’ tab.

This tab allows you to view the details of each background check package, as well as the associated pricing of each package.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I run a background check on new hires?

After you install and set up GoodHire (see above), follow the steps below:

  1. From the Rippling Dashboard, click on hire an employee.
  2. Select ‘Run a New Background Check’ from the GoodHire integration overview or you simply order the background check when you go through the onboarding flow for the new hire from the Rippling dashboard.

How do I run a background check on prospective employees?

Once you’ve properly installed the GoodHire integration (see above), follow the steps below: 

  1. From the Rippling Dashboard, go to the installed apps section.
  2. Then, click on the GoodHire app.
  3. Choose the Overview tab.
  4. Next, select Create New to run a background check and select the prospective employee flow.

How do I run a background check on during the onboarding flow?

Once you’ve properly installed the GoodHire integration (see above), follow the steps below: 

  1. From the Rippling Dashboard,  go to the hire section.
  2. Then click, Run a background check.
  3. Select GoodHire.

Can I send background check requests to employees that have already been on-boarded in Rippling?

Once you’ve properly installed the GoodHire integration (see above), follow the steps below: 

  1. From the Rippling Dashboard,  go to the installed apps section.
  2. Then, click on the GoodHire app.
  3. Choose the Overview tab.
  4. Next, select Run New Background Check to run a background check and select the existing employee flow.

What background check packages are available?

You are able to see the details of the packages available to your account from the ‘Packages’ tab. GoodHire admins are able to customize these packages directly within GoodHire. Upon running a sync from the ‘Settings’ tab, customized packages will be brought over to Rippling.

Why can’t I see a background check from my account?

Rippling only shows the background check reports for reports that were run directly by Rippling.

How do I handle my GoodHire admin offboarding?

If your GoodHire admin is planning to offboard from your organization, you should ensure the requestor for your organization is modified to another admin within your organization. Please reach out to GoodHire and Rippling support in order to have the requestor changed for your organization. The previous admin can then uninstall the GoodHire account and allow the new admin to install the application. Once the application has been installed, the new admin should remove the previous admin from directly within the GoodHire application as well. Please note, past background checks do not sync from the previous requestors account to Rippling.

Why do I have a duplicate background check report in the GoodHire app?

If you run a background check during the hiring process or directly through the Goodhire app in Rippling and you already have a background check policy in place then you will get multiple background check reports for such employees. The background check policy will do a background check even if you already did one manually.